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Consulting Office for Translation
You have just to pay us a visit or give us a call and you shall discover that all Translation facilities are available and at the reach of your hand....!
For more than 20 years we have been and still practicing professional Translation, therefore we gained a sound reputation by offering accurate, quick, reliable and accredited Translation services, armed with our deep faith in our principles:
Better, Faster, Cheaper
We deal with Individuals, Governmental Authorities, Foreign Embassies, National and International Companies and Organizations. Such reputation is not just a propaganda, but we acquired it via hard work, long experience and unbeatable strive to satisfy our clients satisfaction. Our Consulting office for Translation "COT" is fully equipped with:-
- Qualified, long experienced, dap hand translators and revisers in most languages.
- Fully equipped and continuously updated with the latest technological innovations e. g, Computer, Fax and Internet Services.
Therefore "COT" undertakes to offer you translations of different texts and to and from several languages, including but not limited to:-
- Academic Qualifications, (Résumé) Marriage Certificates and Payment Certificates, Legal Text documents, Contracts and agreements Scientific Researches, Feasibility Studies, Literary, Economic, Political Texts, Articles and Speeches. We are specialized in difficult, unusual texts. You may rely upon us when speed is needed

26 Adly St., floor no. 11, Apt. no. 1102 , Down Town Cairo – Egypt
Tel. +2 0223938948
Mob. +2 01004090093
Fax +2 0223954626

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